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9.12.16 Latest Release Notes Version 6 Family
Posted by Brad Campbell on 12 September 2016 08:27 PM

Latest WeatherWarn Software Patch Notes (9.12.2016)

You can determine which version you are currently running via the Help -> About in the program menu 

If you need assistance to make sure you are running the latest version , Please open a ticket or call for assistance



8/28/2016 Build 6084

  1. The ARM command now maps to the embedded siren test.
  2. WeatherWarn server will no long raise an error when the connecting client does not have the correct pass code.
  3. Corrected an issue that caused WeatherWarn Server to send the sirenusers.xml file with the sirens.  This caused a corresponding error in the client.


7/28/2016 Build 6053

  1.  Added support external I/O board USB-DIO96H.


5/28/2016 Build 5992

  1. Corrected the way that the talk group IP address was created.  The talk group should function properly now.
  2. When the scheduler is enabled, the current run times on each scheduled item will be reset.  This should prevent old items from being run.


4/16/2016 Build 5950

  1. The Call Key and Call Key edit screens will now show tooltip information when you hover over a call key or call key command.


4/9/2016 Build 5943

  1. The Call Key and Call Key command setup now allows you to specify the interfaces to run the call key or call key command.
  2. The read text option now works better.  It no longer pauses at the end of each line.


2/27/2016 Build 5901

  1. Added Siren Users to setup Specifics 1 tab.  When these users are entered the software will require a valid passcode for activation.




  1. Updated the TCP/IP components to build 5849.
  2. Updated the map components to version 10.41.



  1. Added additional error checking to the REST API.  Now catches an access error when an invalid prefix is found.
  2. Removed the REST API hard coded user name and password.


10/24/2015 Build 5775

  1. Corrected an invalid operation exception when polling sirens.  This error occurred when a siren responded twice to a single polling request.



  1. Added code to prevent a thread race condition when accessing the in-memory siren database.



  1.  Added limited support for Embedded Systems interface.



  1. The Zoom to County option now works properly.
  2. Add the mototrbo interface.



  1.  Corrected an issue that caused the sirens to not blink.



  1. Added REST API.
  2. Added interface for Embedded Systems controller.  (Activation Only)

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