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11.19.14 Latest Release Notes and Changes for Version 5 Family
Posted by Brad Campbell on 19 November 2014 01:47 PM

Good Afternoon,

It has been a busy year of development and forward moving enhancements on WeatherWarn . Thank you all for your feedback and support this past year !

If our Team doesn't speak with you soon , Have a Happy Holiday Season !

-Brad Campbell


Latest WeatherWarn Software Patch Notes (11.19.2014)

You can determine which version you are currently running via the Help -> About in the program menu 

If you need assistance to make sure you are running the latest version , Please open a ticket in the support system for inquire


Version 5.XX Family


1. Added mouse wheel support.

11/8/2014 Build 5425
1. Added the ability to load and display image layers.
1. Changed the call key 7 and up routine to check for no selected sirens or groups and the call key has special control.  In this case, it will process the wild card
mask in the special control and add the appropriate commands.  
2. Changed the call key 7 and up routine to check for “Activate Independent” option on the all group.  When this is found, the software will select all sirens and then place them in groups if groups have been assigned.  This is similar to what happens in the call key 1 to 6 routine.
1. The public address window will now close when cancel activation is clicked.
1. WxFailSafe - Corrected an exception that occurred when sending files with the
Mode set to Single.
 1. The alert classes are no longer populated on a new install.  
2. The sound card level now defaults to 100 on a new install.
1. Added and implemented 6 commands for special control.  These commands can be inserted into the call key to control non-whelen sirens/devices.  The actual commands that are sent are still setup in the siren and group’s special control tab.
 2. The siren and group’s special control tab fields have been relabeled Command 1 through 6.
 1. The Siren County field now accept County (FIPS) and Zone codes.  For example
ALC123, ALZ037.
 2. Changed the Siren Controller 1 tab to include a different sound card and sound card volume per interface.  
3. Moved the PTT Pre-Delay, PTT Post-Delay, PTT Inhibit, and Parallel Mode options to the Siren Controller 2 tab.
 4. Implemented one sound card per interface.
 5. Implemented volume control for each interface.
6. The volume control setting on each interface should be a value from 1 to 100. This number represents a percentage, where 100 is 100 percent.
1. The Call Key setup window now has a new tab for notification.  The Send Email option was moved from the Call Key tab to the Notification tab.  It was renamed to Send Post Notification Email.  Added Send Pre-Activation Email and Pre-Activation Message fields.  The Send Pre-Activation Email drop down box allows the user to select a blank entry for no email or 26 different group identifiers (SJA through SJZ).  When one of the group identifiers is selected, the Pre-Activation Message field should be populated with a user message.  The software will generate a product for processing by Weather Message before the sirens are activated.  An alarm must be setup in Weather Message that corresponds to the group identifier with the appropriate email settings.  For example, selecting SJA in the Send Pre-Activation Email field will require the alarm SJAWXM in Weather
1. The Sign Board Clear message can be changed by setting up [SignBoard] section in WeatherWarnServer.ini.  Set the parameter Clear= to the message desired.
1. The group selection buttons are now outlined in red and blue when a group is selected.
2. The Pass Code and Password fields are now displayed. 3. Removed the Show in Taskbar option.
1. The program now pops-up an activation window when activation starts.  The user can acknowledge the activation or cancel it from this window.  The window will
remain on the screen for 60 seconds.
1. The Instant Status, Siren Activation and Polling Response messages now contain the encoder identifier.
2. Completed the changes to activate EDI Sign Boards.
3. Setting a Call Key schedule with the Day of Month set to 31 will cause the call key to run on the last day of any month.
4. Added a Register button to the About screen.  This will allow a new registration code to be entered that adds features to the software.
5. When selecting sirens by circle, the circle that is drawn now paints properly during drawing.
1.  Added Sign Board interface option.
2. Corrected a problem with the radio interface being reported as unassigned when using the SQL interface.
1.  Restores the map bounds when starting up as a maximized window.
4/6/2014 Build 2509
1. Added an option to the Siren Controller 1 setup tab to enable or disable parallelmode operation.
3/29/2014 Build 5201
1. When the All Sirens group is used, the system will build individual activation commands for each siren assigned to the SQL interface.
1. When the All Sirens group is used, the system will build activation commands for each active siren interface.
3/25/2014 Build 5197
1. Changed the SQL Interface to prevent writing out wildcard commands.
3/22/2014 Build 5195
1. The Email Support option now goes to
2. The Support Files are now emailed to
3. The siren activation routine will now run multiple interfaces in parallel.
4. The SQL Interface now checks for duplicate commands.  It will now write the command for one activation one time.

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