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2.20.14 Latest Release Notes and Changes for Version 4 and Version 5 Family
Posted by Brad Campbell on 20 February 2014 08:35 AM

Latest WeatherWarn Software Patch Notes (2.20.2014)

You can determine which version you are currently running via the Help -> About in the program menu 

If you need assistance to make sure you are running the latest version , Please open a ticket in the support system for inquire 

Version 5.xx Family

2/6/2014 Build 5150

1.Changed the programs back to 64 bit to correct an issue with registry access. Implement changes in the programs to work around the 4.5 framework slow loading bug.

2/4/2014 Build 5148

1.Changed the setup routines to use WeatherWarnServer or WeatherWarnClient as the key name in the auto startup routine.

2.Changed the programs to 32 bit instead of 64 bit to get around a slow loading bug in the 4.5 framework.


Version 4.xx Family

2/16/2014 Build 5160

  1. Recompiled the programs to work with Weather Message 4.1 release.


8/10/2013 Build 4970

  1. Changed the program version to 4.1.


7/21/2013 Build 4951

Added the ability to adjust the DTMF mark and space timing for the Wwarn-2 interface.  Add the following lines to the WeatherWarn.ini or WeatherWarnServer.ini,  [Siren] section:
xxx should be the plus or minus amount to adjust the default DTMF mark and space values.

The software will check the interface version to see if it is 1.5f.  For 1.5f, it will set these values to DTMFMarkAdjust=7 and DTMFSpaceAdjust=11 if they have not been set manually in the ini file. 

It is recommended that the software be allowed to adjust these values.  The Wwarn-2 interface version 1.8 firmware does not need any adjustment.

If the ini file is manually updated, it will have to be modified when installing an interface with 1.8 or newer firmware.

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