What is WeatherWarn ?

WeatherWarn was built from the foundation of Weather Message Processing Software.


Since 2009 it has matured and developed to todays demand for current mass notification product. Its initial goal was simple , activation of outdoor warning sirens based on polygon weather related events from the National Weather Service.


Historically , the only method  for a Public Safety Agency was to first receive a notification that an area was placed under tornado watch or warning. They would then go to a legacy warning controller and manually activate ALL of their sirens or select individual sirens to sound.


Unfortunately, this left a lot of room for an error to occur. Either from human error during activation process or late response to a weather related event.


In 2007 , the National Weather Service began issuing warnings in the shape of a polygon, which are intended to warn only the locations and people within the polygon of severe weather.


WeatherWarn monitors the same National Weather Service feed as do the public safety agencies and news resources. When a polygon is issued for a customer area, WeatherWarn will begin the process of activation to the customers warning devices .


  • Automatically activate your warning systems
  • Automatically post NWS warnings to your social media site
  • Automatically email a notice of siren activations and diagnostics
  • Automatically run monthly siren tests
  • Automatically run diagnostics of your siren system


In an environment when the safety of the community is at stake, the reduction of human error is crucial. The WeatherWarn controller will let you activate your sirens manually if you choose. You are in complete control of how your WeatherWarn  controller works for you.





And More .....


  • Client / Server Architecture
  • Ability to activate any DTMF or two tone based siren
  • Supports Digital and Analog based Radio Systems
  • Sirens selectable by circle or polygon on the fly
  • Map shows entire system and health of each siren
  • Scheduler:  activation events can be scheduled to activated based on date/time and can be repeated
  • Activation call key can repeat every “user defined” duration until warning has expired
  • Custom map:  Unlimited layers of customer provided shape files can be loaded into GIS environment
  • All call, group/zone or single siren activation
  • Emergency radio channel messaging
  • Capable of live PA and .wav file from PC over live PA
  • Activation of other DTMF or Two Tone capable Interfaces with conventional radio or landlines
  • Supports automatic telephone or SMS text notification to specific personnel
  • Capable of interfacing to other devices such as reader boards







8AM-430PM (CST)